CHS Classes as People

Angela Ma, Features Editor

  1. Lit/Writ – He is very excited and very hard working (especially after the Scarlet Ibis Paragraph) and is always ready to learn more juicy words. He secretly wants to be an actor and LOVES remaking Romeo and Juliet.
  2. PCH — She’s the little sister of AP Calculus BC and she loves to derive things. She’s easily TRIGgered when she is compared to BC. She always has a water bottle and a stop watch because she loves calculating volume and rates with friends
  3. AP Bio — His parents wanted him to become a doctor but he secretly wants to be an artist, so they compromised — he now draws detailed diagrams. He also has a green thumb (he loves growing mustard plants), is good with animals, and has a great memory.
  4. APUSH — The most patriotic person you’ll meet (favorite holiday is Fourth of July). He knows people from all age groups and always keeps a stack of flashcards to help him remember everything. His idol is George Washington and he is a distant descendant of the Pilgrims. He loves writing everything in pen.
  5. Amlit — That kid who lives across a green light and drives a yellow car to school. She learns new vocab everyday and likes to read classics about the American Dream. She is fascinated about pear trees, raisins and mental asylums. 
  6. Law — That kid who always has something to say and her talent is arguing. She lives for justice and winning arguments, and has evidence against everyone. 
  7. Chinese 1 — That foreign kid that’s enthusiastic about sharing her culture, always ready to share traditional snacks.
  8. World Core – She has literally lived in every single country in the world and no one nationality defines her. She has souvenirs from every country she’s been to.