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Mechanical Keyboards: Wilson Lu

Mechanical Keyboards: Wilson Lu

Kevin Jia May 6, 2021

Thousands of students at Cupertino High face extreme cases of boredom, cooped up in their home for almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week. However, that’s not the case for sophomore Wilson Lu who has...

Mechanical Keyboards: Andrei Yang

Mechanical Keyboards: Andrei Yang

Norman Chow, Writer May 6, 2021

For most people, keyboards are an essential tool used in their daily work conducted at a job or for school. However, they are often overlooked, and as vital as they are, people do not seem to give keyboards...

Tino Music Producers: Justin Seo

Tino Music Producers: Justin Seo

Kevin Jia April 18, 2021

Passion: a strong liking or desire for some activity, object, or concept. For senior Justin Seo, his passion is making music. In four months, Seo has already produced seven singles, mostly in the Rhythm...

Feauturing Staffer Pets

Feauturing Staffer Pets

Kriti Kaushal, Writer February 27, 2021

    “One unforgettable memory I have involving both of my dogs happened shortly after I adopted my second dog, Kona. For the first few weeks after my family adopted Kona (we already...

Student Spotlight: Filmmaker Tara Chakravorty

Megumi Ondo, Postscript Editor February 27, 2021

In the midst of COVID-19, many students have been contributing to their community by doing things such as volunteering or donating items. However, sophomore Tara Chakravorty took a different approach by...

Veronica Weber: Bullet Journalist and Social Media Influencer

Jenny Wu, Lifestyles Editor February 27, 2021

In recent years, bullet journaling has become a popular hobby shared amongst creators, forming an online community with over 8 million posts on Instagram. Bullet Journaling, otherwise known as BUJO, is...

Aadith Kannan: Vegan and Environmental Activist

Rajasi Laddha, writer February 27, 2021

Veganism has steadily risen in health and diet culture as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while eating clean. The animal product and textile industries have a reputation tarnished with millions of...

Spotlight: Uji and Demuth

Spotlight: Uji and Demuth

Krithika Venkatasubramanian October 29, 2020

It is difficult to imagine the science department without the smiling faces of Ms. Allannah Ujifusa and Mr. Larry DeMuth. As two of the longest-standing members of the Cupertino High School faculty, DeMuth...

Student Organization: My Sahara

Student Organization: My Sahara

Kavya Kaushal October 28, 2020

Student initiatives to combat the virus have grown in the past couple of months as many teenagers have started organizations with the hopes to aid our community. Among such people is junior Alaina Mupparthi....

Pandemic Jobs: Leah Knodel - Target

Pandemic Jobs: Leah Knodel – Target

Arushi Arora, Sports Assistant October 12, 2020

Despite most high school students choosing to quit their jobs during the pandemic, junior Leah Knodel continues her weekly shifts at Target.    Leah began her job in January 2020 to pay for...

Pandemic Jobs: Melody Lou - Dermatologist Clinic

Pandemic Jobs: Melody Lou – Dermatologist Clinic

Stella Jia, Editor-in-Chief October 8, 2020

Determined to find a part-time job, Junior Melody Lou secures a position at a dermatologist clinic during the midst of the pandemic. Although most high schoolers find work in the service industry like...

Pandemic Jobs: Claire Hesley - Paris Baguette

Pandemic Jobs: Claire Hesley – Paris Baguette

Henry Ma, Sports Editor October 8, 2020

Even though the coronavirus has turned down the idea of applying for a job for many students, Claire Hesley, a senior, has started working at Paris Baguette. She planned on getting a job before the pandemic...

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