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Fighting Crime: Finn Doyle

Fighting Crime: Finn Doyle

Henry Ma

November 25, 2019

At Cupertino High School, most students know the general direction they are heading in for their future, but not the specifics: going to college and getting a steady job. Unlike those around him, Senior Finn Doyle was certain of his future: joining the military. There are many reasons why Doyle is interested...

Taking Flight: Gabriela Valdez

Taking Flight: Gabriela Valdez

Stella Jia

November 25, 2019

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s Gabriela in a plane! When people find out that Junior Gabriela Valdez is enlisting into the Air Force, their first reaction is likely that she will become a pilot. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding the Air Force as the media heavily emphasizes...

Halloween Costume Feature: Yeongbok Lee

Left to right: Kevin Chen, Eric Lee, Yeongbok Lee, and Colin Rich, the four creators of the costume.

Ankita Acharya

November 15, 2019

On October 31st, 2019, hundreds of students dressed up in sensational costumes for Halloween. Perhaps the most astonishing costume was that of senior Yeongbok Lee, who dressed up as a Gundam. For reference, Gundam: Over the span of almost 150 total hours, Yeongbok Lee worked with junior Eric Lee, ...

Feature: Elleway Han Wu, Entrepreneur

Feature: Elleway Han Wu, Entrepreneur

Amir Iravani and Jeffrey Xiong

November 4, 2019

Business and entrepreneurship is huge in Cupertino High School — look no further than the growing number of people in FBLA, the volume of students who sell products on Etsy and Instagram or students involved in reselling goods. However, some students go beyond by creating their own products for the...

Cardboard Creations

Joan Thyagarajan

October 4, 2019

Around the world, people embody their creative sides and express themselves in their own unique ways through art. While some might choose the path of traditional art, there are those who take art and morph it into new, fascinating embodiments showcasing the diversity of this world. Sophomore Kaitlyn...

Hydroflask Painters

Stella Jia

October 3, 2019

Painting is a medium of art often expressed on paper or through murals. However, recent trends have led to a new form of painting displayed on water bottles, specifically on Hydroflasks. As you walk the busy halls of Cupertino High School, blurs of flowers or assorted patterns on Hydros can be seen slung...

Copper / Brass Jewelry

Jenny Wu

October 3, 2019

Hoop earrings and charm necklaces are just a couple of examples of jewelry students at Cupertino High School are proud to display as their fashion statement. However, sophomore Tanisha Asrani has made it her hobby to fashion jewelry from scratch, turning it into a unique form of art. Said Asrani, “I’ve...

Fashion Spotlight – Hannah Anderson

Fashion Spotlight - Hannah Anderson

Ariana Fahri

May 27, 2019

Can you describe your outfit? Modern Vintage. Where did you get your pieces from? My top is from my mom, from a long time ago when she went to the Philippines. My shorts are from PacSun. My belt is from Urban. My shoes are Filas. My necklaces are from Brandy and thrift stores. What inspir...

Student Bedrooms – June Freund

Student Bedrooms - June Freund

Sarah Paulen

May 25, 2019

So where do you want to start? I guess this main wall over here. Over here I have a lot of posters obviously and like each of them relate to like, a fandom. So I have a lot of like Harry Potter posters like specifically for Fantastic Beasts because I really like Harry Potter, you know, I was rea...

Fashion Spotlight – Marie-Claire Norins

Fashion Spotlight - Marie-Claire Norins

Jeffrey Xiong

May 23, 2019

What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is a way of expressing myself, being able to show my inner personality based on the way I appear on a daily basis, whether that be how I’m feeling that day or just my general sense of style.   How do you decide on how to express yourself? The...

Dancing in Dhadkan

Claire Warner

April 27, 2019

As one of the minority Caucasians in a racially diverse high school, I’ve often felt excluded from cultural events or activities that my peers participate in. Tino Dhadkan was one of those: a Bollywood dance team with members who only sport black hair. But since sophomore year, Dhadkan has consistently ...

Small Club Feature: Astronomy Club and WIT

Varun Shenoy and Jeffrey Xiong

April 9, 2019

With over ninety clubs available to students at Cupertino High School, there is no doubt that some clubs are overshadowed by much larger organizations on campus. While nearly all students are familiar with Speech & Debate, Robotics, and FBLA, many niche clubs, such as Astronomy and Women in Tech,...