Student Bedrooms – June Freund

Sarah Paulen

So where do you want to start?

I guess this main wall over here. Over here I have a lot of posters obviously and like each of them relate to like, a fandom. So I have a lot of like Harry Potter posters like specifically for Fantastic Beasts because I really like Harry Potter, you know, I was really into that, hence the shrine. I also have, like, I have this tradition every year where like, the calendar that I have is always Taylor Swift. So I always have a Taylor Swift theme calendar over there. And then I have like magazine cutouts, I guess, because I cut them out, and I don’t know where else to put them. So they just go up

there. And they just add to the whole effect. And then I have a few posters from like Marvel, and then a DC, you know, a Flash poster. And like this one, I got this painting with the deluxe version of Taylor Swift’s new album. And I actually have two of them because it’s supposed to be random. But then in the second one, and I got I got another one. So that’s up on another part of my wall. And then, the wall, just above my headboard is like, it’s like still posters, but it’s kind of like, more like, like experiences that I’ve had where I’m like, directly. Like, they’re like these, like pictures of me with some of the actors from this show that I really liked, called once upon a time. I went to a convention in San Francisco a while ago and I got to meet them. So I have like the photos from there. And then I also have two art pieces. One of them signed of some of the characters. And then I also have a poster up with of the Taylor Swift’s reputation stadium tour, like right above my headboard with some confetti from the concert. That’s pretty great. And then I also have some stuffed animals, which I’ve had with me, like, I’ve had these stuffed animals for like, basically my entire life, so they’re just kind of there.



What about that bookshelf?


That’s my Taylor Swift shrine. I actually don’t really know if it’s a shrine or not, but whatever. Basically, um, I have like, all of her CDs displayed and I have her first album and her latest album, like, facing each other on opposite ends. And then the light of wristbands from the 1989 and Reputation tour are both also there. And then I also have this weird like, Hello Kitty bag thing because I was actually surprised with tickets to 1989 from my aunt. And she had them in like this little bag. And then that was also in, it was in like, another bag. And then that was in like a box, which was in a bigger box. So I had to go through like a couple of layers to get to the tickets. And then also, like, this is her magazine, kinda version of the album. And then version two of that here of reputation. And then like a magazine that she was in. Also, some of the CD container things are cracked from when I used to play them on my like, CD player as like a kid. So yeah, I’ve been a fan for a really long time.




Is there anything interesting about this other wall?

It’s just kinda, it’s like, next to my closet. And I have this poster and it has a lot of the characters from the Marvel Comics on it. And it’s kind of on my bucket list to get the MCU actors to kind of sign their character’s names. That’s never going to happen, though. Yeah, my cousin actually gave me that. There’s this like, large whiteboard thing. It’s not white. Weird. It’s like opaque.  It’s just how I organize what I need to do: homework for the day or just like goals for the weekend or like a shopping list. And then on the left side, I have all of the posters from CAT that are from all of the productions is that I worked on. Our Town was last year’s play when I was in freshman year. And then Pippin was this year. And then Wrinkle was also this year. Yeah, those were really fun to be a part of, and I like to have them up to like as a memory of like, all the experiences and stuff.


Is that your Harry Potter “shrine?”

Yeah, it is. So it’s basically just all of my Harry Potter stuff. collectible that I have, like, shoved into one small shelf. It’s all seven books, the Cursed Child, the Hogwarts library series. And some more like collectibles items like little pop figures. And then like a couple of magazines Harry Potter magazines and then the eight-disc complete collection, but I’m missing the eighth movie. It’s been lost for years. And then I have some like Harry Potter cups. This shelf is just kind of like random like action figures. Like there’s like a bunch of the Avengers and like BB8 from Star Wars. And then my brother and I built this like Lego ship. The top shelf is mostly stuff from like, Color Guard. Like my coaches gave me and decorated this “J” so I would remember the season. It’s really sweet. There’s also a rejected poster from the Guard Room that says “Point Your Biscuit,” which is like a reference to pointing your toes in dance. Except biscuit is spelled wrong. And then I don’t know, the bottom shelf is pretty boring. Just like books that won’t fit in my other bookshelf. A couple of Harry Potter books that I may or may not have stolen from my fifth-grade class. Okay, I didn’t mean to steal them, I just took them home to read and I never gave him back. And I have my pillow pet because I guess he kind of fits down there. Oh, that’s a Star Wars poster. I got it at the Book Fair in sixth grade.




What’s that painting of?

That’s a drawing that my grandma did of me when I was 7. She’s like really good at art. We’re going to do another one when I’m 17, 10 years later. I also actually vividly remember, like, being really stiff and then reading the Magic Tree House book while she was drawing me.