Copper / Brass Jewelry

Jenny Wu

Hoop earrings and charm necklaces are just a couple of examples of jewelry students at Cupertino High School are proud to display as their fashion statement. However, sophomore Tanisha Asrani has made it her hobby to fashion jewelry from scratch, turning it into a unique form of art.
Said Asrani, “I’ve always loved creating ever since I was young, and although traditional art like painting and drawing holds a special place in my heart, making things that are functional and help express my personal style never gets old and makes me really happy.”
Asrani finds inspiration from a variety of sources online, including Pinterest. Once she finds a post that resonates with her, she looks through her collection of scraps or goes to the craft store, and hand selects her options. She then puts her own creative twist on the piece. With the 90’s trends coming back in style, a lot of her jewelry is inspired by that time era.
“I feel like in the ‘90s, everyone was just not afraid to be themselves, and everything was so unique and funky,” Asrani said.
Over the summer, Asrani decided to start a business selling her jewelry and other accessories on Instagram to combine her passion for art with business. With a dad who went to business school, she was inspired and had somebody to look up to. By posting her products on Instagram, Asrani has successfully sold over a hundred of her accessories for affordable prices that account for the time she puts into her work. Most of her products sell out within minutes of posting. With the success of her new business, Asrani has grown as an entrepreneur.
“My most memorable learning experience is that I figured out not to wait. I’ve been wanting to make a business for years, and I just never done it. But I was able to do that in two days. And all I had to do was just put my mind to it. I think that it’s really important if you have a goal, to just do everything you can to reach it,” Asrani said.