Feature: Senih Okuyucu


Aashna Shah

“I’ve always been an outgoing person and from a very young age I knew that I wanted to act at some point in my life. High school gave me that opportunity, so I took it as soon as I knew it was there. To this day it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said Junior Senih Okuyucu, when asked about why he joined CAT. 


As an actor and technician, Okuyucu has been involved in CAT in various ways. Said Okuyucu, “I’m one of the more experienced technicians in the class, meaning I help out with a lot of different things, including set design, sound, lights, and anyone else who might need help with something. I’ve learned to sing, dance, act, communicate with others, leadership, set design, set building, using power tools, cutting wood, sound design, sound engineering, lighting, and I could keep going.”


Having been involved in the productions of Little Shop, Our Town, Pippin, Wrinkle in Time, Clue and Ranked, Okuyucu has a lot of experience with preparing for a show. 


Said Okuyucu, “Preparing for a show is a very unique process. Some people get really loud, some get really quiet,  but everyone is nervous. I like to keep myself busy before a show, so you can usually find me double checking the sound, making sure everything’s in place, but always calm. I like to keep the atmosphere light, and sometimes I’ll listen to music. But again, it’s different for everyone.”


When asked about “hell week,” Okuyucu responded, “Honestly my schedule is pretty much the same except for the famous ‘hell week’. The week before we open, rehearsal lasts until at most 10, and we run the entire show every day for 5 days straight. It’s hell, but it’s a necessary step closer to excellence.”


“CAT is my safe space at school. I’m almost always looking forward to rehearsal after school, and I just love spending my free time there. The best part about CAT for me is the opportunity to expand my skill set. I don’t know where I’d be without the program.”