Easy-to-do Recipe for Boba

Angela Ma, Features Editor

This quarantine has separated you from your friends, classmates, and your favorite drink. We understand. Satisfy your craving and longing for boba with this DIY brown sugar milk tea. You can recreate this internet-crazy drink with 4 simple ingredients and enjoy while in quarantine.


You will need:


3 tablespoon (30g) brown sugar

3 tablespoon (40g)  water

7-8 tablespoon (60g) tapioca starch


⅜ cup (45g) brown sugar

¼ cup (50g) water


These measurements will make 2 servings so you can share with a sibling, parent, or enjoy an extra large drink yourself. 



Combine brown sugar and water on the heat until it boils. 

Stir in a little bit of tapioca starch until mixture becomes thick.

Slowly stir in the rest of the tapioca starch until it becomes a soft dough. 

Turn out the dough onto a nicely dusted board (with tapioca starch) and knead until it’s nice and smooth. Roll out into thin rope and cut into bite sized pieces.

Roll the nuggets into balls and cover with tapioca starch.

Too cook, boil them for around 10-15 minutes. Stir to prevent sticking

Throw them in ice water to make them more chewy. 



Combine water and brown sugar over heat until it starts to thicken. 

Add cooked boba to the syrup and cook until mixture is really thick.


Milk tea (optional)

Make your favorite black tea and combine with milk (for stronger tea flavor add less milk).

Add sugar to taste or even brown sugar syrup.



Put some boba and syrup mixture into a cup. To be extra aesthetic, use a clear cup and drip some syrup on the sides of the cup. Then pour in milk or milk tea to finish it off. 

Take aesthetic pictures 😉