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FUHSD Earth Day Event

On Thursday, April 11th, 2024, the FUHSD Climate Collective is hosting its annual Earth Day event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. 

The event will feature a variety of guest speakers, including Congressman Ro Khanna and Top 50 National Geographic Explorer Kaitlin Bowman, providing an exclusive opportunity for youth interaction with influential figures in environmentalism. 

The event also hosts student-run booths for FUHSD students to showcase their efforts to combat environmental issues. 

Unlike last year where the schools held their events individually, this year’s Earth Day event connects all 5 FUHSD schools, bringing awareness for the event on a much larger scale.

Said Recycling Lead Clarabelle Wong, “We got more funds and also more outreach and as a district-organized event, we also get help from district staff.”

In addition to the district-wide event bringing more outreach, it also allows a larger group of students to connect on their passion projects.

“Our Earth Day event is an event for students, by students to bring focus to environmental literacy and sustainability,” FUHSD Climate Collective Teacher Co-lead Kavita Gupta said, “This event is different because it is not a law or a mandate that’s making students learn this. This is students wanting to learn it on their own, and we just support them.”

The event organizers want to keep the focus on spreading awareness in the FUHSD community.

Other than guest speakers and booths, the event will showcase “student work around environmental literacy, sustainability, advocacy, and student projects” Gupta said. 

Furthermore, the event is based on youth participatory action research, where youth take on a small project, and do their research and learning. 

Ultimately, the FUHSD Climate Collective wishes to inspire new students by showcasing the environmental work that existing students have been able to achieve, even as students, to better our planet.

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