Voter Registration Party

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Voter Registration Party

Tal Ashkenazi

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        On the 27th of April, the Fremont Union High School District held a party to celebrate 200 students registering to vote. Those who attended were very happy at the outcome due to the significance of youth interest in politics. “You’re better equipped to take on challenges in front of you,” said guest speaker Hung Wae, “You are going to define the future by every vote you pass.”

        Although the celebration was small, only consisting of about twenty people, the attitude was positive and the day kicked off with Cupertino High School’s own Comedy Hour. Comedy Hour helped get everyone excited by playing some games with the crowd. Some of their games included pick up lines made from three people, each person saying a word before moving onto the next person, and a game in which one of the act members had to guess what three things the other people were acting out: a baseball, a president and a person who picks their nose everytime someone says ‘the.’

        After the Comedy hour students left, a student speaker named Anne He spoke of a story from personal experience. In this story, she got on a train to go to an internship to help rehabilitate criminals. When she got on the bus, she was presented with a decision: would she sit next to a black man, or a pregnant white woman? She eventually decided to sit next to the pregnant white woman, but she called out her own hypocrisy and racism in the experience. She understood that she was racist, but she is sure many others would make the same decision. Her point was that you need to find things that you are passionate about and vote for them. If you truly are passionate about something, you should not passively take that goal and walk with it. You need to understand why you support something and why you are voting or protesting the way you are.

        Another speaker at the event was an associate of Ro Khanna named Tom Pike. Pike said “I think it’s great that so many [students] have registered to vote.” The feelings were shared by all at the party. Tara Sreekrishnan, a candidate for city council, talked about her plans for city council and politics for teenagers

        Said Sreekrishnan, “You are better equipped to take on challenges in front of you.”

        Overall the night was a success and it was closed out by a rap song that was performed and written by Brian Lee and Hasini Shyansundar. A link to Brian’s Youtube channel is at the bottom of the page. The organizers hope to get more potential voters registered next year as well.


Brian’s Youtube channel: