CHS Basketball Defeats Oakland Tech at CCS

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CHS Basketball Defeats Oakland Tech at CCS

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Tuesday, February 26, 2019, was an important day for Cupertino High School’s basketball team, with a monumental win in a new tournament. The varsity team played at the Norcal basketball tournament in Oakland, Calif., winning against Oakland Tech with a fantastic upset.

The road to this victory was not easy. The team made it to the critical Central Coast Section (CCS) tournament but lost in the semifinals game.

Said Junior Jack Townsend, “We lost, but we still got the bid to go on to the NorCal tournament which was really surprising for all of us. We didn’t know until two days before the game, and it ended up being really fun”.

The game against Oakland Tech did not start well, however, and many lost hope during the game. Said Townsend, “It was a really bad start from the beginning because we were down eleven to nothing and I think a lot of people were giving up.”

The game eventually turned around, but the final nail in the coffin of victory was a last-second shot by senior John Duan.

“We all live for moments like this. Coach trusted that I would make the shot, and so did my teammates. I will remember those final seconds for the rest of my life”, said Duan.

This year was the first time Tino had been to the NorCal tournament in 30 years, and we brought home a victory.

Said Townsend, “I think [the victory] means a lot especially because the win surpassed any expectations we had at the beginning of the season. We were not supposed to be a team that made it this far, and we got to CCS and made CCS semifinals”.

The CHS basketball team truly ended their season with monumental success. This victory put Tino basketball on the map, and will hopefully pave their way to more significant achievements. It is also a bittersweet moment for the seniors graduating this year.

Said Duan, “I think this season we really made a statement, and I am content going out this way.”