Getting Old: Is It Worth It?

Brandon Hong

“Growing old” is a natural process that everyone experiences. However, the similarities in opinions on growing old diverge depending on who you may ask. Old people are like the monuments that exist throughout the many countries in the world, but only are available for interaction for a limited time.

The fear of getting old plays hand-in-hand with the fear of death because as you get old, the mysterious void of “death” creeps closer. One of the values that old people hold is the library of knowledge that they are willing to share to the open ear. For the elderly, the common prices they must pay to be able to share their wisdom is their hair, teeth, and sanity.  In addition to these unavoidable processes, another fear of growing old is, old people have limited regenerative abilities and are more susceptible to diseases. These brave individuals sacrifice their wellness to deliver their brilliant insight to others, often making this choice without even knowing. The natural loss of personality or sanity as a result of the late years of the human lifespan contribute to the “knowledge dump” that the elderly often experience.

While these qualities of the elderly often make growing old seem like a terrifying experience, the reflection and perspective on life that old people have to distribute make growing old an occasion to celebrate. Having younger people push your wrinkly body around the house and the overall care that your family will give you the attention you had desired for them any years you have been living. In addition, you will no longer need to cook your meals, and the house will magically become clean at least once a week. It would not be surprising if your old body got out of the house more often than you did in your youth. This is because, when you become elderly, your knowledge and appearance will pay for you in the form of significant senior discounts and reverence by all those around you. After all, as SpongeBob puts it best, “Old people are the greatest! They’re full of wisdom and experience.”