Fashion Spotlight – Hannah Anderson


Ariana Fahri

Can you describe your outfit?

Modern Vintage.

Where did you get your pieces from?

My top is from my mom, from a long time ago when she went to the Philippines. My shorts are from PacSun. My belt is from Urban. My shoes are Filas. My necklaces are from Brandy and thrift stores.

What inspired you to wear this outfit today?

I’ve been in really into vintage clothing but also silver kind of chain-y jewelry. I like my mom’s clothes because they are actually vintage and it’s just what I like to wear. I like to get inspiration from Instagram, Pinterest, or just like other people.

What does fashion mean to you?

It’s a very fun way to express yourself. I’m an artist and so this is another form of art for me. It’s just a really fun thing for me to find a new outfit.