9 Amazing Ways to Stay Awake in Class

1. Eat Spicy Food

Eat some spicy food in class. Especially if you can’t eat spice, this will make sleep impossible.  The best spicy food to eat in class is Hot Cheetos, just make sure not to get caught red-handed.

2. Drink Water

When you’re in a boring class, and you are about to fall asleep, just keep drinking water. Not only will it hydrate you, but having a full bladder is more than uncomfortable enough to keep you awake.

3. Chew Gum

Helps you stay awake by giving something to do. It also gives you the thrill of subverting the law if you aren’t allowed to chew gum in class. If you get caught, your teacher will force you to stay behind after class and give a lecture about how gum has killed lots of people, sticking their throat closed. The teacher will eventually send an email to your parents and your parents will be surprised that you chew gum and will begin to think that you are addicted to gum. Now everyday when you come home, your parents will question you if you do drugs or not because you can’t control yourself with gum

4. Try to peel your eyes open

Your eyes are important to your body. Its is the gateway from your brain to the outside world. Your eyes help your brain gather information for you to use in the future. If you fall asleep, the most important gateway will be blocked, not allowing light or ANY information in. Best way to prevent this is to not fall asleep. 

5. Breathe deeply 

When you breathe deeply, it improves  the circulation in your body. The circulation will help getting oxygen to the brain allowing the brain to function more efficiently. This will help you stay awake and pay attention in class better so you don’t miss any important material.

6. Draw 

Doodle whatever you want, just try not to DRAW the attention of the students away from the lecture

7. Use your phone

As you take out your phone, the only source of stress-relief, remember the consequences of using your phone in class. If you get caught, your phone gets confiscated and your parents will be notified. Also remember that cell phones emit Rf Rays also known as Radiofrequency Rays. Radio Frequency rays are basically gamma rays but less strong and won’t affect you as much. But, if you think of it as Gamma Radiation, you would be affecting everybody in the classroom including yourself when you take out your phone.  Gamma Radiation is only stopped by a few sheets of lead or even feet of concrete. Remember, Radio Frequency Rays are basically Gamma Rays (with no health concerns and less strong).

8. Get some caffeine

Get the longest drink order. A quad long shot grande in a venti cup, four cups of water, half calf double cupped no sleeve, salted caramel mocha latte with 2 pumps of vanilla. Add a vanilla bean frappuccino. 2 pumps of classic, 2 pumps of hazelnut. Substitute 2 pumps of white chocolate mocha for mocha and substitute 2 pumps of hazelnut for toffee nut half whole milk. A splash of almond milk, a splash of goat milk, a splash of whole milk, mango milk, and 2 splashes of coconut milk. Add 14 teaspoons of coffee with mocha powder. Also remember to add lots of baking powder so you have the option of making your drink into cupcakes. We always want to add extra foam, extra caramel drizzle, extra salt, a scoop of vanilla bean powder with light ice. Well stirred, a whole banana, apple, mango, grape, pear, and a gram of caffeine, you gotta stay awake in class.


The Prospector is very interesting, and it is guaranteed that you won’t fall asleep in class!