Getting A Driver’s License In High School: The Good and The Bad

Sohini Karmakar

Getting a driver’s license during your time at high school is one of the reasons students look forward to, but with that comes the question of is the license actually worth it? There are many factors involved in a student receiving a license: money and time commitment to name a few.

Starting with the positive benefits of owning a state-issued license, students are able to move around as per their own convenience. For example, students are able to go home at their convenience. Similarly, they no longer have to arrive at school very early if there are transportation issues in their families. This not only allows them to save time but also money on public transport like buses. Another major benefit is increased road experience, something that teenagers lack. If a person has spent more time on the road, they are less likely to engage in accidents than students who have not; just like math, the more time you spend on it, the better you get. Receiving a license before the age of 18 requires minors to go through a mandatory 6-hour driving session with a licensed instructor. Some parents may choose not to allow their kids to receive a license before 18, but their kids they will be missing out on the interactive training session with the instructor.

Amidst standardized exams, getting good grades in class and the many different extra- curriculurs that consume time, it seems unlikely that teenagers would be willing to take time out of their busy schedules to do driving sessions. In addition, getting a license is expensive: online drivers education, the instructor fees, and tests, as well as the risk of failing. Senior Michelle Esquivel has been considering getting a license from the past few months, but always backs off thinking of the time commitment that goes into it, “I feel like I have other priorities right now like putting more time into my academic classes so I end up with a good GPA,” said Esquivel.

While having a license may have multiple benefits, some individuals are guilty of misusing these privileges. It takes a lot of consideration when deciding whether or not one should receive a license.