Fighting Crime: Finn Doyle


At Cupertino High School, most students know the general direction they are heading in for their future, but not the specifics: going to college and getting a steady job. Unlike those around him, Senior Finn Doyle was certain of his future: joining the military.
There are many reasons why Doyle is interested in joining the military. He was encouraged by the free education and the opportunity to serve his country, as well as his family: his great grandfather, his grandfather and his cousin. His great grandfather was part of the Air Corps during World War 2, his grandfather fought in the Korean War and his cousin enlisted in the navy at a very young age. Like the rest of his family, Finn wanted to enlist as well. He was amazed by the stories he heard from his cousin.
Said Doyle, “He’s so cool. He gets to go on the boat and shoot machine guns and all that stuff.”
Having family in the military is also equivalent to having a little voice in your head always worrying. They are always in danger.
“I’m not as concerned about him perishing in an attack but it’s still something to think about.” Doyle said.
Even though Doyle isn’t that concerned about his safety, this concern is one that Doyle’s parents has for him.
“They didn’t like the idea. They don’t enjoy the prospect of putting my life in harm’s way but they also realize that this is something that I want to do,” Doyle said.
Before they came to a final decision, he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes at the age of 13, which jeopardized his plans for the future. This was an obstacle in Doyle’s life that he had to face.
Said Doyle, “It was kinda sad the first couple weeks but eventually I came to terms with it, figuring I could do something else instead.”
With this mindset, Doyle was able to direct his attention toward something else that he was interested in. His new goal was to find an occupation where he was happy and enjoyed doing.
Said Doyle, “I want to do something interesting. Like I wake up and want to go to work everyday. ”
Doyle eventually shifted his path from the military to the police force.
Explained Doyle, “ I’m originally from New Hampshire, so I [want] to go over there and do police stuff. I want to use it as a stepping stone to do greater things. I’d like to be in the FBI some day”

He plans out to start out as a patrol officer and move up from there. Doyle realized that he could still protect and serve the country if he wasn’t in the military. The police force is similar to the military in many aspects, as they both have a mission to keep the country and citizens safe.
Even though he had to change his plans for the future, Doyle is still excited to serve his country in a different way.