Rise of E-Sports


Calvin Anderson, Writer

The 21st century has brought about a wave of new fashions. The contrasting qualities of the two centuries such as R&B of the 20th century and rap of the 21st century to the formality of clothing has evolved into the utmost, drastic disparities through the course of time. One of the most novel and controversial of these changes include the rise of esports.


Esports encompasses the competitions held among professional video game players. It experienced an exponential surge in popularity beginning in the 21st century largely due to mainstream live streaming and sponsorships. In the following years, the subject of Esports made major strides with the advancement of technology further fueling the demand of gaming competitions. In the current decade, the term “esports” has claimed its revenue standing at $1.1 billion. In Cupertino High, clubs such as Game Development Club and Cupertino Gaming Club illustrate the effects of mainstream media’s mass output of competitive gaming competitions seeping into our daily lives. 


Taking a peek into Cupertino’s esport culture, you wouldn’t find large scale isolated facilities with colored lights and paparazzi, instead what you’ll see are informal, local competitions held for 50-60 people. 


“It’s like a family where everyone is in a college room and you have a bunch of college students playing Smash Bros. and everyone is cool and relaxed and no one is taking things super seriously.”states Junior, Nand Dixit.


Other than the positive social aspects of Esport players within our school, there also lies immense health benefits contrary to social norms. While improving their specified art of gaming, players in the field learn a better mentality. Players learn skills to be more productive, patient, and confident. Such skillful wealth gained from the prospect of esports can be applied to attain academic success. 


“Before competitions, I always go to my room, I close the door, and I start praying to the god of Shiva for success; I spend about 10 minutes doing this before going to the tournament. I think it really helps me concentrate on my play because I can feel the divine influence guiding me so I play better at competitions.”Nand Dixit


Where we see technology and culture progress through time, esports shall persevere as well. As time allows the culture of esports to evolve, we will see a time when the demands of esports drive technology-reversing their roles to the initial rise of esports.