Quarantine Trends


Alexandria Hunt, Print Editor-in-Chief

As the world around us has changed amidst the pandemic, various trends have surfaced and made their way into our lives. These trends, such as dalgona coffee and playing Among Us with friends, have helped us all find a sense of solace. Continue reading to take a walk through time — beginning with trends from March, all the way through October.


Trend: Instagram Story Bingos

During the first few weeks following March, the virus was just starting to make its way into our own lives — canceling school, prom, and other traditional school activities. Many students took to filling out bingos and posting these on their Instagram stories to make up for the lack of social interaction. Example bingos that students filled out were “class of 2021 bingos” and “quarantine bingos.” 


Trend: Baking Bread

As COVID-19 cases continued to spike in the United States in April, students found other healthy distractions and ways to calm their minds. For many, this took form as baking bread — most commonly, banana bread and cloud bread. Baking these recipes provided students with a sense of control and an outlet for stress-relief. 


Trend: Dalgona Coffee

Besides banana bread, another treat also rose to popularity when quarantine first started — Dalgona Coffee. Gaining popularity initially on TikTok, the beverage contains a creamy, whipped coffee layer sitting atop iced milk. As its sweet flavors appealed to the taste buds of many, Dalgona Coffee soon made its way into many kitchens.


Trend: Chloe Ting

Throughout quarantine, many students have found themselves setting goals; a popular one is working out and being more healthy. One particular workout series on Youtube became quite popular — Chloe Ting’s “2 week ab shred.” The 11-minute video currently has 254 million views, with more views — from those who still are looking to get fit  — yet to come.


Trend: Among Us

One of the more recent trends that has surfaced is the game Among Us. The game has a total of 4-10 players or “crewmates”, with 1-3 of these being “impostors.” In the game, as crewmates do various tasks, the impostors set out to secretly kill crewmates. The game’s sudden popularity can be attributed to the fact that it offers a form of socialization without requiring people to be physically near their friends.


Trend: Holiday Excitement/Things

As December inches closer and closer, excitement for the holidays has grown. For one, many students have started listening to their Christmas music playlists. Many have also discovered “hot chocolate bombs/balls” — which have a spherical dark chocolate outer shell and hot cocoa powder and marshmallows on the inside. When placed into hot milk, the dark chocolate coating melts, and a warm hot chocolate drink soon takes form. 


Trend: Puppy Boom

Many students and families have also experienced new feelings of loneliness and isolation due to quarantine. As a direct result, a trend called the “puppy boom” has arisen: many families are adopting new puppies and other pets. According to USA Today, sales for dog diapers have increased by over 202% since this same time last year, pointing to a rise in pet owners.