Safe Biking Routes in Cupertino

City of Cupertino Helps Create Safe Bike Routes for Students


Saagar Sanghavi, Copy Editor

       In response to recent concerns surrounding bike safety and traffic flow around Cupertino schools, the city of Cupertino formed a partnership with an international initiative known as “Safe Routes 2 School” (SR2S). Targeted primarily towards cyclists who are commuting their way to and from school by bike, this program aims to educate cyclists and improve road conditions to make it safer for them. It also encourages people who may usually get a ride from their parents to try more eco-friendly modes of transportation, like walking or biking.

       Over the past few years, the percentage of people who have walked or biked to school within one mile has declined by almost 72%, according to the City of Cupertino’s website. While kids are becoming less and less independent, the traffic and pollution created from driving to school have worsened. Since car-related injuries are quite common, many parents don’t feel comfortable allowing their kids to bike or walk, amplifying the problem. SR2S hopes to combat this by helping school officials educate students at schools all around the country and create a set of standards that cities can use to ensure safe bike lanes, enough space for motorists, and safe routes for pedestrians.

       The bright-green painted bike lanes were introduced as a part  and have recently caught the attention of bikers in the immediate vicinity of school. The primary purpose of this bright color is to make it easier for drivers to notice cyclists and identify bike lanes from the main road. Additionally, multiple laws have been brought forward  that address how much space drivers should give cyclists  to minimize accidents. After the death of a Monta Vista student last year, the city has taken several measures to prevent future accidents like these. So far, SR2S has been implemented at nearly all the middle and high school in the Cupertino Union and Fremont Union School districts, as well as multiple elementary schools including Lincoln and Sedgwick Elementary.  Through programs like SR2S, our community continues to make itself a better and safer place for everyone to live.