Main Street Opening

       Cupertino has long been a developing suburb in the Bay Area. Amid controversy over continuing commercial development, Main Street Cupertino officially opened on 17 September 2016 at 10:30 AM with a ribbon cutting ceremony officiated by Jerry Rice, a well-known former Forty-Niners football player. The Cupertino High School Proud Pioneer Marching Band and Color Guard opened the parade, followed by various performances by the Fremont High School Marching Band and Color Guard, the San Jose Fire Department and many more. Additionally, free popcorn was provided and various advertising booths were set up around the main street downtown area. With people coming over from all around the San Jose area, this event had all kinds of entertainment. Including the various performances in the parade, there was a Mobile Secret Word Hunt that people entered for a chance to win $800. Bike Valet service was also provided from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

     Jerry Rice, the former wide receiver for the 49ers and one of the officiants at the event said, “Vallco is probably the next move that we need to make because this area here is a treasure and it is going to be a big attraction for so many people.”

    A large number of locals at this event were excited for the new opening of Main Street and called for the further development of Vallco Mall into Vallco Hills. Revitalize Vallco and the Sand Hill Property Company, a real estate company in the Silicon Valley, had three tents set up to canvass support for their legislation. 

       Said Reed Moulds, managing director at the Sand Hill Property Company, “This is a great time to not only celebrate what we have done, but to also look ahead…We finally have a downtown emerging. Main Street is going to be a part of that, but it is a small part. Once we start looking at the opportunity that Vallco presents, [it will] create a social heart for the community.” Notably, the sizable opposition to Main Street and Vallco’s further development could not be found at this event.

       Main Street, located directly next to Cupertino High school,  now features many recently-opened or soon to opened restaurants and shops. Target, 85ºC and Tea Chansii, for example, are now up-and-coming or running businesses in this area which will make Main Street, in the eyes of the Vice Mayor of Cupertino Savita Vaidhyanathan, “a place for everyone.” 

       Said Vaidhyanathan, “[This Main Street area] used to be a pumpkin patch. Can you believe it? Slowly and surely, it has evolved.” Indeed, Main Street has evolved to become what locals can now call “downtown Cupertino.”