Anti-bullying Week

Gene Kim and Esha Radhakrishnan

       In light of National Bullying Prevention Month, Cupertino High School will continue its anti-bullying campaign throughout the rest of October. The ASB Community Link and Campus Connection commissioners have planned several events to not only discourage bullying but also to emphasize its relevance to the student community. So far, students have been asked to wear blue on National Stomp Out Bullying Day, the first Monday of October. The daily announcements featured insightful facts and statements about bullying. Students also participated in a larger video project, in which individuals wrote hateful comments that bullies had said to them on inflated balloons, shared personal instances of bullying, and then expressed their victory on overcoming their adversity by stomping out the balloons at the end of the video.

           Another project the ASB commissioners planned for the second week of October is a school-wide survey. Students were able to share empirical stories and or encouraging comments on the subject of bullying, which were then be compiled into an organized medium, such as a video or pamphlet. The powerful student expression will also portray how relevant bullying is at CHS, considering how absent it may seem at first glance.

           All of these events were specifically planned to inform and encourage students to take a stance against bullying. 

           “The point is not to raise money. [The campaign] is for raising awareness and to help anyone who is battling through it,” senior Brendan Lin, a Community Link commissioner, said.

           Bullying is a significant issue that is relevant to every student at CHS The commissioners

genuinely hope to influence an anti-bullying mindset to create a safe

atmosphere for all CHS students.

           Said Campus Connection officers senior Frank McMullin and junior Rhea Lamba, “We do sincerely hope this campaign makes a difference at our school. Bullying is an issue that has affected a lot of people, and that is why we are doing it.”