Cold Weather Activities

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Cold Weather Activities

Xinyi Zhang

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Cold Weather Activities, No Snow Required!

As days shorten and temperatures fall, spending time outdoors can gradually lose its appeal. Of course, winter brings its own take on outdoor fun, but for many the only inviting outdoor getaway is to a snowy wonderland. Other outdoor activities are often overlooked or forgotten in the wake of popular snow-related pastimes, so those staying home during Cupertino’s snowless holiday season tend not to venture outdoors to exercise at all. 

However, the selection of outdoor activities in a snowless winter are not as bland as one might think. Although the following activities may not be as exhilarating as snowboarding or cross-country skiing, they require less hassle and can be just as enjoyable. 


Biking is an excellent form of all-around exercise and a pleasant way to pass the time. As long as you take time beforehand to make sure it does not rain and dress to protect yourself from the wind, biking in chilly weather can be even more refreshing than doing so on a warm day.

Some popular routes are the Stevens Creek Trail and the San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail, but there are numerous destinations to explore. There are over 50 bike trails in Cupertino and its surrounding area, so selecting one is only a matter of deciding on length and location. Tackling a tough trail or leisurely biking along a scenic route are both great opportunities to bond with friends and family. 

Even if you do not plan to spend the whole day outside, biking through the neighborhood will help remove the aches you have from being cooped up inside.


If the most daunting task preventing you from going outdoors is figuring out where to go, look no further than “Geocaching,” a real-world treasure hunt with over two million treasure sites scattered across the globe.

The treasure chests in “Geocaching” are known as “caches.” Each “cache” contains a logbook for documenting your arrival your arrival and may even carry goodies left from previous participants. Caches come in all shapes and sizes and can be located anywhere from the busiest city center to the quietest forest meadow. Finding each cache provides a unique challenge, rewarding you with an epic journey and a feeling of accomplishment.

After applying for a free account online at, you can search for nearby cache locations using the above website or the Geocaching app on the Apple or Android stores.


Ice-skating is a year-round activity that garners popularity during the wintertime. At this time, many ice rinks start providing special deals to large groups, and some even provide rentals free of charge, like the one in Central Park. For this reason, preparations should be simple: basic warm and water resistant clothing should suffice for the cold environment. Wearing multiple layers will also help protect you from falls.

Whether you go alone, or with family, friends or a significant other, ice-skating poses the perfect opportunity to wind down after a busy week. Let all other thoughts fly away as you glide across the ice and enjoy the passing breeze.

If you are just starting out, most rinks offer lessons, and online tutorials can be extremely useful. For those who have skated before, there is a wide array of subcategories to try out, including figure-skating, ice-hockey and race-skating.

The relatively cheap cost and wide variations make ice-skating a sport that everyone can enjoy.

Taking a Walk

A short walk outside will help relieve your body and mind after binging Netflix or studying for your next test. If you are too cold, warm yourself up with a jog or run. If you are somehow too warm, slow down to a stroll and let the crisp air cool you down. Go to the nearby park, explore the neighborhood, admire the Christmas decorations… when was the last time you did these things?