Unity Vigil

Nico Chilla

       During Wednesday tutorial, students with a wide range of political views gathered in the quad for a “Unity Vigil.” Due to the whirlwind of emotions over the presidential election, sophomore Luna Conrad, senior Rebecca Nissen, senior Yatziri Arias and sophomore Tamara Zafer — representatives from the Gender-Sexuality Alliance, Latino Student Union, and Muslim Student Association — decided to organize an open discussion.

       According to the coordinators, however, the event was intended to be nonpartisan. Arranged as an “open mic” forum, the vigil allowed anyone to come onto the stage and share their thoughts with the crowd. The audience was a mix of those who supported the vigil and others who opposed it, as well as students who sided with Trump or Hillary. Students spoke passionately about their opinions, discussing topics such as national disunity, racial violence and discrimination, and inclusion. Participants voiced their fear for what is to come in Donald Trump’s term.

       While the idea for the vigil seemed to center around feelings of discontent from the election, several students offered opposing views and expressed frustration with the Trump protests around the nation and marginalization of Trump supporters. They argued that ideological intolerance on campus was equally problematic, and asked for people to keep an open mind to differing ideas. Members from both political sides criticized the protests as counterproductive.