Prabha Sriram

Prabha Sriram’s radiant smile reflects off students’ faces every morning as she guides them safely across the busy intersections between South Tantau Avenue and Barnhart Avenue.

Sriram has two daughters who graduated from Cupertino High School. As they were growing up, Sriram was inspired by the spirit of the other crossing guards. Said Sriram, “I was impressed by how sociable and helpful they were and appreciated the value of their service.”

Before becoming a crossing guard, Sriram was looking for regular scheduled part-time work or volunteer opportunities where she could positively impact her community. Coming across an online job listing for crossing guards, she found it to be a good fit for her needs and started working this academic year. 

Aside from enjoying her part in keeping students safe, Sriram finds it a rewarding experience to interact with parents and students in the community. She reflected on memorable moments when elementary, middle and high school students willingly discussed what they learned and shared highlights of their day. 

Sriram’s volunteer efforts extend beyond her crossing-guard responsibilities. Sriram has been a volunteer teacher for 13 years at an Indian cultural school. In her spare time, she enjoys studying Indian philosophy and Sanskrit.

To decrease the number of pedestrian accidents, Sriram suggests pedestrians and drivers follow a few general practices, such as leaving earlier for school, following the road rules and having patience and compassion for others. 

“The main goal of this job is to keep the pedestrians safe as they go to school,” Sriram said. “It takes a community to work together in order to achieve this goal.”