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The global pandemic shifted many individuals’ mental states during its peak, resulting in the loss of crucial growth and skill sets. Sophomore, Amina Boubezari describes the emotions she experienced during Covid and shares regrets that shadow her present-day life. As online learning progressed, lines between school life and personal life blurred. Amidst this, Boubezari was able to come to a space of internal reflection, a journey many individuals can relate to.


Q: What age and grade level were you at when Covid hit?

A: End of sixth grade and it continued all the way into seventh grade. I think I was 11 years old.


Q: How was your general experience during quarantine?  

A: In a way it was very numbing, because I was just doing the same thing over and over and there was nothing exciting. […] Because I didn’t have that dopamine hit from social interactions, I turned to content like YouTube, which essentially did give me the dopamine that I needed, but it was so destructive over time. 


Q: How did you balance school work with your personal life?

A: It was completely blended and I didn’t have any kind of time management scheduled. I was literally watching YouTube during my entire class. And so since those things overlap that is what created the numbing experience.


Q: How was your academic growth impacted compared to other years?

A:  I put very, very minimal effort. I had absolutely no motivation to put in a lot of work and almost looked at school like it was a chore […] I never tried to go above and beyond what I was supposed to do. And therefore that impacted my academic growth, personally.


Q: What would you have done differently if you could go back?

A: I wish I didn’t indulge in things I knew weren’t beneficial to me […] The remnants of what I did in quarantine still happen to me right now. 


Q: Where did you find comfort or solace?

A: I actually got to talk to my family more which was relaxing. It was like a pause, a break from the work, but in that sense, I was in seventh grade. I didn’t need a break. So it was like a forceful break. 


Q: Did you gain or lose any skills and hobbies?

A: The stunting of critical thinking growth was probably one of the most important skills that I lost throughout seventh grade […] and my social skills. I think it’s gotten better but in eighth grade, I was super introverted. Didn’t want to talk to anybody or reach out to anybody. Even if I did, I wasn’t good at it.

I started doing calligraphy. […] I watched one video, and then I went absolutely crazy. My entire desk is full of my name written and calligraphy, millions of times.


Q: How did you cope with stress and lack of human interactions during Covid?

A:  I didn’t actually feel that much stress like throughout the thing […] I started analyzing what I do, like the actions or things that impact me. I started being super reflective which made me find conclusions about myself that I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have that time without people constantly around me.


Q: Did you learn anything new about yourself and what you’re capable of handling?

A:  I have a diary entry of me in seventh grade and I’m like, ‘ Oh, I’m part of history right now.’ And I wrote about how I felt actually.  I didn’t know what to think of this global pandemic. It was so astonishing that someone out there could be suffering so terribly, but I’m here laying in my bed.

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