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Getting A Driver’s License In High School: The Good and The Bad

Sohini Karmakar

October 24, 2019

Getting a driver's license during your time at high school is one of the reasons students look forward to, but with that comes the question of is the license actually worth it? There are many factors involved in a student receiving a license: money and time commitment to name a few. Starting with...

A Letter to Our Childhood Innocence

Sarah Pollans

October 6, 2019

To My Childhood Innocence: Where did the time go? Where did you go? It seems like just yesterday you were right by my side, hand in hand. You slipped away so silently, I don’t even remember you leaving, but from the emptiness in my hand, I am sure you are gone now. I still remember all of the time...

Amir the Entrepreneur

Amir Iravani

October 6, 2019

Was there ever a time when you had an idea and wanted to start a business? Or wondered how interesting it would be to start one? Well, I did just that over the summer at Leangap--I created an idea into a real company with my team. Leangap, a high-school startup incubator, located at UC Berkeley, is...

CHS Future

Angela Ma

October 6, 2019

FINAL FINAL | comic | angela

Cyclical Trends

Maia Matsushita

October 4, 2019

If one looks up “vintage” on Pinterest, pictures of Volkswagen buggies, typewriters and record players will come up. This aesthetic is never ending; some products and fashions rise back into popularity because they are photogenic. This “comeback” in trends can be seen through multiple aspects...

Environmentalism in Popular Music

Kenneth Jeon

October 4, 2019

Music has had an inclination towards the concept of nature for almost its entire history, but in the past few decades, artists have begun exploring a specific aspect surrounding nature: its preservation. Following rising concerns about the exploitation of natural resources, popular music has similarly...

History of Tattoos

Darshini Vijayakumar

October 4, 2019

1891: Samuel O’Reilly’s tattoo machine gets patented in New York and tattoos become more popular to the American public, but they lose their upper-class status symbol. Early 1900’s: Tattoos are viewed as more for lower classes, and they are not advertised publicly and no regulation exists. Although...

9 Amazing Ways to Stay Awake in Class

Henry Ma

September 17, 2019

1. Eat Spicy Food Eat some spicy food in class. Especially if you can’t eat spice, this will make sleep impossible.  The best spicy food to eat in class is Hot Cheetos, just make sure not to get caught red-handed. 2. Drink Water When you're in a boring class, and you are about to fall asleep, just keep dri...

What does your favorite Vine say about you?

Jeffrey Xiong

September 12, 2019

1. Adam!  You are stubborn to a fault but generally reliable to those around you. You also tend to be carried in every class, but everyone owes you a favor so it’s alright. A plain style suits you best, and this year is a great opportunity to go minimalistic! Watch out for those sneaky ...

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Spoiler-Free Review

Sydney Liao

April 24, 2019

I’ll be honest: I was skeptical about Rainbow Rowell switching genres, which is why I put off reading Carry On for so long. Rowell is known for her YA contemporary romances, featuring incredibly real characters, all of them fully-developed. I was curious to see how Rowell played with fantasy and afr...

Getting Old: Is It Worth It?

Brandon Hong

April 23, 2019

“Growing old” is a natural process that everyone experiences. However, the similarities in opinions on growing old diverge depending on who you may ask. Old people are like the monuments that exist throughout the many countries in the world, but only are available for interaction for a limited t...