Pandemic Jobs: Claire Hesley – Paris Baguette


Even though the coronavirus has turned down the idea of applying for a job for many students, Claire Hesley, a senior, has started working at Paris Baguette. She planned on getting a job before the pandemic to save up money for college and her personal spendings.


Said Hesley, “ I was planning on getting a job before the pandemic. And I think I just keep that, even though I probably shouldn’t have, but I wanted to save up some money for college and then also just save up some spending money for myself”. 


At Paris Baguette, Hesley keeps the store running by making drinks, cleaning up, and refilling pastries. While working at Paris Baguette, Hesley has to follow strict guidelines. These precautions may decrease the workers’ efficiency from doing their jobs, but they are a necessity to keep Hesley, her coworkers, and customers safe. 


Said Hesley, “We have to sanitize everything very often. So that adds  more work. And we also can’t get close to the customers and whenever they come into the store, we have to go back behind the counter. So it hinders me from doing my job.”


Hesley plans to continue working throughout the pandemic as well as after the epidemic is over. So far, Hesley has a positive experience of working throughout quarantine and becoming good friends with her coworkers.


Said Hesley, “ All [my] Coworkers are really nice and responsible, so it’s really fun working with them and I think we have become pretty good friends.”


However, Hesley has had some regret for working during the pandemic because there is a chance that she is accidentally putting someone at risk. Even though Hesley has had some regrets about working during the pandemic, she still believes that it has helped her during the quarantine. 


Said Hesley, “ In terms of me accidentally putting people at risk? Yeah, definitely. I regret that. But, having social interactions often has actually helped me a lot because beforehand, when I was just stuck in quarantine doing nothing and talking to no one, it made me really sad.”