Changes ASB is Implementing

Recently, ASB (Associated Student Body) has been making its way through major changes. From the implementation of the feedback form along with the upcoming petition for transparency, the face of the student government is looking at a move towards implementing more student involvement into its decision-making process.

Changes in ASB initiated from the individual student councils. More specifically, in the 2021 council, changes kicked off with a decision never seen before, a homecoming rally sing-along poll. Although it wasn’t an immediate change, the poll brought student opinions into the ASB decision-making process. After the success in bringing about student involvement, each student council began making larger and more significant strides towards bringing student opinions into account.

Brandon Pan, 2021 council president, says, “When a student body makes decisions for a large event like this, whether it’s formal or senior prom, or the homecoming dance, those decisions are made in a vacuum by maybe four to eight people. [By doing so,] you don’t have a good idea of how the class feels about certain things. And if you don’t know how the class thinks about certain things, then there’s nothing you can do to address those views.”

From there on, the 2021 council continues to bring about more involvement from the student community. Unprecedented changes such as jprom preference forms as well as an upcoming voting record proposal created a new atmosphere never seen before in the student body. These reforms are changing the face of the school. Recently, ASB released a new website. Other than an improved mobile navigation, there is also a feedback form link under general resources. The feedback form can now be found in the 2023 council as well, where an individual council feedback form has been recently published.

“One of the biggest changes isn’t necessarily a specific policy change, but it’s a paradigm shift. It’s a general cultural change, whereas it isn’t a specific policy that’s the biggest change, but the mindset of the student government.” says Brandon Pan.

While changes in student council and ASB student opinions speed on ahead, individual commissions are progressing smoothly in policy as well. For example, the media commission has implemented a media pass rule in videography and photography, as well as the club commissions creation of the three strike policy and an online platform for more efficiency in contrast to its previous hardcopy work turn in boxes.

In the future, ASB plans to move forward with its new perspective. By bringing
more opinions from students and allowing them to see the changes they sought, the student government is bringing together students and the school to be better unified and progressive.